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Fresh Paint

Many artists seek the technical challenge and aesthetic pleasure of painting a vase of flowers, but it doesn’t always result in images that are packed with energy and movement. Yet, in the hands of Scottish artist Kirsty Wither, still lifes pulsate off the canvas.

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House and Garden - March 2014


Press for Affordable Art Fair Battersea March 2014

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Huffington Post - March 2014

A Fine Light

Press for Affordable Art Fair Battersea March 2014

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The Edinburgh Reporter - January 2012

“New exhibition at Open Eye Gallery”

Two new exhibitions open on 30 January 2012 at Open Eye Gallery, A Retrospective with New Works by Rob Fairley and New Paintings by Kirsty Wither. The Reporter went along to the gallery just before it opened to take a look at the new offerings. It turns out there really is more to art than meets the eye as we found out when speaking with the gallery owner, Tom Wilson...

Artists and Illustrators Magazine - April 2011

In the Balance

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The Herald - November 2010

Ready for a rural revolution

On a bright autumn day, Kirsty Wither is in her Brighton studio playing Nick Cave and putting the finishing touches to her newest paintings. The Scottish painter,who graduated from Gray’s School of Art 20 years ago this year, is feeling optimistic. “I do feel I’ve developed over that time, and I’m enjoying the fact that I’m putting more paint on my canvas, using fresher and more subtle colours, and have a wider range of looser and tighter handling,” says the 42-year-old, whose breathtaking work with flowers has found considerable commercial success. “It feels good to evolve. But the thing I’m noticing most is that I’m reacting more positively to landscape painting than ever before. At the moment they seem to have more potential.”

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At Home Magazine, Scotland on Sunday - January 2008

Picture Palace - Artist in Residence, Kirsty Wither's living space is just as colourful and creative as her studio.

Scottish artist Kirsty Wither's four-storey light-filled Victorian house is the perfect backdrop for her growing collection of art.

Press photography - November 2006

'All Good Things' Exhibition Opening

Press photography by Tine Frank for opening of Kirsty Wither exhibition 'All Good Things' at the Portland Gallery, London

The Scotsman - May 2004

“Kirsty's work is blooming bold”

POTENTIALLY tedious as subject matter, flowers are a dangerous thing to want to paint. The walls of the world are full of dry, botanically correct lilies and lifeless, dull-as-dishwater chrysanthemums, most of which fade anonymously into the wallpaper. But Kirsty Wither’s paintings - whether flowers, landscapes or figures - are anything but anonymous. Not content with giving her paintings depth and vibrancy with impasto strokes, she has such a fabulous grasp of colour that whatever she chooses to paint either leaps out at you, or draws you completely in. Being bored isn’t an option. Her paintings are animatedly impressionistic, like Scarlet Favourite, an orgy of reds and warm purples, supporting an indeterminate bunch of off-white blooms. Late Night Velvet has a cool, dark surface of purples and blues, against which the greys and near-white flowers shine out almost like stars. Her landscapes, with or without figures, often feature layers of bright colours peeking out behind bold, broad, earthy strokes. It sounds wrong, but such is her understanding of hue, tone and composition, that it works beautifully.