Paintings Available for Sale

A painting is a very special purchase. Favourite paintings can inspire and comfort generations, but mean entirely different things to each individual. An original painting on the wall reflects an individual’s taste, personality and lust for life…they give unique pleasure in a meaningful and lasting way. It is hardly surprising therefore that we can become addicted to collecting paintings!

Below are thumbnail images of paintings that are currently available from the studio. Price includes a beautiful handmade frame finished with precious gold or silver leaf, or waxed creamy gesso.

To purchase one of these paintings, please click here to contact Kirsty Wither directly to arrange payment and delivery.

  • Paintings can be purchased using paypal, credit card, cheque or bank transfer.
  • All paintings will be delivered free of charge to the UK Mainland.
  • Delivery is normally 5-10 days after payment depending on size and/or transporter.

Please click on thumbnails to see full size image and details.


Edge of the Wood

Low Low Light

Starting at Midnight

Ribbons of Green

On a Good Day