Open Eye Gallery Solo Exhibition 2016

Open Eye Gallery

from 20 February 2016 until 9 March 2016

"This solo exhibition sees a continuation of new themes within Kirsty Wither's practice; Mediterranean light and shapes, including Italian cypresses and lemon dishes that sit alongside snowy vistas and moody still lifes. As always the paintings are primarily about colour and retain her up-lifting aesthetic through warm and appealing textural combinations. Wither is influenced heavily by the colourist heritage in Scotland but also allows for spontaneity in creating the work, responding to her studio surroundings and the paint itself which leads to a unique surface quality and long lasting impression"

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Cobalt Collective

Layers on Layers

On a Diamond

North East Corner

With the dawn

In the Foothills

Terrace and Garden

The Longest Day

Cool in the Round

Starting at Midnight

Heart of the Heath

Doing a Jig

Long Stemmed Blooms

Cream of Tomato

Chalk and Cheese

Dancing on Tables

Sharing a Bottle

Midnight Vase

Little Lilies

Italian Square

Seven Sweet Pears

Five Sweet Pears

Nine Lush Lemons

Just Inland

Villa in September

Moon in Autumn

Here comes the Sun

Turquoise Square

Silvery Sea

Pale Blue Light

My Shadow