Portland Gallery Solo Exhibition 2015

Portland Gallery

from 12 February 2015 until 6 March 2015

This new collection of exciting work has a definite Meditteranean feel. Influenced by a recent visit to Sicily, the paintings have a wonderful freshness and vitality. Zesty citrus and fertile vistas vie for our attention in this uplifting new exhibition.

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Bella Vista

Late Night Drama

Day and Age

Attention Seekers

On the Up Side

Morning Tabletop

Cypress Sentries

Simple Pleasures

Heavenly Lilies

Green Slopes

Mellow Roses, Rosy Apples

New on the Scene

shades of the Sun

In the Foothills

Strong Sun

Crisp Green Morning

Sweet Pink Pears

Fit to Burst

The Love of It

Golden Pears

Under the Sun

The Heat of It

A Fine Collection

Steely Horizon

In Autumn Regalia

Citrus Companions

Low Low Sun

Calm Clear View

Turquoise and Lime

Italian Tiles

By the Light of the Moon

A Positive Outlook

Night Sky

Cream of Tomato

Favoured LIlies

Rich Sweet Pomegranites

A Bold Performance

As We Like It

Zest of Lime

As Summer Comes

Lucky Windfall

Perfectly Picked

Evening Gathering

Juicy Fruits

Out the Shadows

Life Is...

Little Idyll

A Warm Glow

Joyful Wee Bunch

A Day's Walk

Brisk Night

Tomatoes in Green

posy of Pinks

Under the Sun

Night Sky