Portland Gallery Solo Exhibition 2013

Portland Gallery

from 11 April 2013 until 26 April 2013

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Hills and bales

A Positive Light

The Cold Light of Night

4. Citrus Bounty

Pick Me Up

Change for the Better

Still South Facing

Notes on a Windfall

Snow on Snow

Edge of Autumn

Tropical Adventure

Cool, Calm and Collected

Very Good Morning

Objects of Desire

Summery Line-up

One Field Away

In the Balance

Blue Farm

Where the Heart Lies

Loads of Lemons

New Apples


Straight from Seville

Quiet Night

Moroccan Spring

Making Hay

Lovely in Lemon

Time for Change

Spring Flood

Got the Measure

Square Mile

Time Out

Favourte Fruits

Lucky Charms

Conference Call

The Power of Ten

A Little Something

Dish of the Day

Three Little Figs

Delicious Treat

Tiny Tropic

Light and Sweet

In the Moment

Single Fig

Pair of Pears

Kitchen Companions

A Fine Breakfast

Little Tomatoes

Good Little Pals

Little Patch of Light

Delicious in Pink